How To Calculate & Reduce Water Softener Salt Usage

How Much Salt Should My Softener Use

In this post, Nathan Olszak with Complete Water Solutions talks about How To Calculate & Reduce Water Softener Salt Usage. We’ll take a look at how much salt a water softener will use. This look into how much salt dives into the calculations used to understand how much you will use in a year. Next, we look at ways we can reduce salt usage.

We discuss

  • Water Softener Brine Study

We cover how to do a brine study and why brine studies are important. This is a great tool to look at how to reduce salt and can help with troubleshooting.

  • Water Softener Brine Reclaim

Brine reclaim is a tool that has been around for a while and can help in water softener salt reduction. We discuss how to reclaim the brine and some things you may want to consider before installing or using brine reclaim in your softener system.

  • Salt Saving Water Softener Resin (SST-60)

Salt Saving Resin has been around for a while now and besides using less salt during a regeneration it also has additional benefits. In this video, we discuss the benefits of SST60 Softener Resin.

  • Water Softener Hardness Monitors

Water Softener Hardness Monitors have been a great tool in the water conditioning industry. Hardness monitors work by measuring the hardness in the soft water stream. When hard water is detected it can either alarm / alert team members or it can signal the softener system to regenerate.

  • Water Reduction

In this video, we discuss potential ideas for reducing your soft water consumption. Reducing your soft water consumption will help in reducing your salt usage for the water softener system.

  • How Chlorides And Salt Affect The Environment
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In the video, we reference 2 items that are available for download to help you with your calculations and your tracking during a brine study.

Softener Salt Usage Calculations –

Brine Study Free Chart –


How To Calculate & Reduce Water Softener Salt Usage

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