Municipal Iron Filter For Water Supply

Complete Water Solutions provided an Iron Filtration system for a Municipality located in Virginia. The town water supply was increasing in iron getting close to being above the MCL for the town. Complete Water Solutions worked with the village to help design and supply a system that would deal with the ferrous iron. The town had a very limited budget to install a system so Complete Water Solutions worked with the Town to provide no-interest payment plan as well as providing installation documentation so the Town employees could install the system thus reducing the overall costs.

Municipal Iron Filter Start-Up and Training

Complete Water Solutions performed start-up and training services to confirm/validate that the system was installed correctly, and that the iron filter works. Complete Water Solutions takes samples of inlet water and post-filter water during the start-up process, these samples are sent to a 3rd party lab for analysis to verify operations.

The system that was provided for this municipality

  • Complete Water Solutions Model GS-42-F-3
  • 42″ Diameter Fiberglass Media Tanks
  • Fleck 3150 Backwashing Valve
  • 2″ Meter Assembly
  • 100 GPM Backwash Flow Controllers
  • Chemical Tank – Potassium Permanganate Regeneration
  • Fleck 3200NTR2 Digital Controllers
  • 30 Cubic Feet Of Greensand Plus Media  (pdf)
  • Gravel Underbedding
  • Internal Distribution

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