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Water Treatment For Hemp?

First, let us start off with this disclaimer – Complete Water Solutions does NOT condone the use of illegal substances and this particular client is growing hemp for hemp products, such as Hemp Protein Powder. At Complete Water Solutions, we have completed some interesting projects over the past year – Library Of Congress, National Park Service, and many more. This year it started off with a call from a customer in Vermont looking to begin growing hemp.  They were concerned about the water source which was a river. Upstream of their farm was several other farmers who were using pesticides to treat their crops. Our client was worried about synthetic organics (pesticides) ending up in their irrigation supply. Along with other treatment equipment, they wanted a simple carbon filter to help clean up the water and they needed it quick!

So that’s just what we did. We provided a duplex simple to use a carbon filter system equipped with the following:

(2) 42″ x 72″ Fiberglass Tanks w/ Flanged Top & Bottoms
Lower PVC Distributors
2″ Sch 80 PVC Pipe Tree w/ Tru Union Ball Valves
Inlet & Outlet Pressure Gauges / Sample Ports
Boiler Drain @ Bottom Of Tank
20 Cubic Feet Of Virgin NSF Carbon

We kept it simple for our customers to use. We even provided a video and manual on how to load their system and how to operate the system. This video was uploaded to Youtube where it can be viewed at any time for reference.

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