Reverse Osmosis Pre-Treatment Change From Chemical To Mechanical – Magnum Softener Magnum Carbon Filter

Complete Water Solutions was called out to a customer in Missouri regarding problems with their paint line Reverse Osmosis System. The customer was experiencing excessive membrane replacements (8 Membranes 2x A Year) and had several other mechanical problems. The customer was currently using antiscalant and bisulfite After performing an onsite Preventative Maintenance (learn more click here), we discovered that the antiscalant was being overdosed and the same with the bisulfite, after further inspection the bisulfite dosing changed daily to chlorine feed changed daily. With the situation at hand, Complete Water Solutions recommended for this customer to remove the chemical treatment and go with Mechanical Treatment. Complete Water Solutions selected a Magnum Twin Alternating Softener & Magnum Single Carbon Filter with lockout switch. Choosing to go with Magnum Control Valve we used the same valves they had onsite in other areas of the facility. This allowed the customer to carry minimal spare parts inventory.

The Magnum Softener Selected

  • S21-A  Part #3023723 Magnum Softener System
  • NSF 44 Certified Fiberglass Tanks
  • Brine Tank w/ Cover & Air Check
  • Magnum IT Valve
  • Logix 764 Controller For Regeneration Sequence Control
  • Interlock provided on alternating systems to maintain continuous flow during regeneration
  • 120 vac 60 Hz
  • 21″ x 62″ Tanks
  • 24″ x 50″ Brine Tank
  • 6 Cubic Feet Resin
  • 2″ Connections

The Magnum Carbon Filter Selected

  • C30-S Part #3023714 Magnum Carbon Filter System
  • NSF 44 Certified Fiberglass Tank
  • Magnum IT Valve
  • Logix 764 Controller For Regeneration Sequence Control
  • 120 vac 60 Hz
  • 30″ x 72″ Tank
  • Backwash Lock Out Control
  • 15 Cubic Feet Carbon Media
  • 2″ Connections
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The installation of this system took place in 3 days. From Demo To Operation. If you are having problems with your RO System please don’t hesitate to contact Complete Water Solutions (855) 787-4200  or


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