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Dealkalizer Replacement with Another Dealkalizer?

A few years ago a customer was looking at replacing their dealkalizer with another dealkalizer unit. This application was for boiler feed water make up. In most cases today we typically would replace a dealkalizer with a Reverse Osmosis system as a RO System can remove alkalinity as well as lower the TDS which provides over all savings with chemicals and blow down. After reviewing the customers needs a study was done and confirmed that an RO System would not have a significant impact on savings. Meaning the payback for putting a RO system in would minimal to non existent.  This particular location was getting close to 95-98% of the condensate back and with so minimal make-up, a RO System did not make sense. The feed water conductivity was already very low to begin with.

The existing system was installed in the 90’s and updated once during its service. The existing system was a Bruner D180 Multi-port valve with the Old Mechanical controller with a badger meter. The badger meter was updated to a digital unit from the old mechanical meter many years ago. The bruner unit was still working and had been loosing capacity over the years. With the tanks out of warranty and the unit at less than 50% capacity the University thought this would be a good time to replace the system.

Complete Water Solutions selected the Performa Valve to replace the existing Bruner Units. While the performa valve is typically used for softening or media filtration, we were able to modify it to be used as a dealkalizer unit. Complete Water selected the performa vale because the customer already had performa valves for the softener system. They had spare parts, along with extensive knowledge how to repair and program the performa valve. The customer felt that using the performa valve would be a perfect fit, so Complete Water Solutions installed a Performa Dealkalizer system with caustic injection during the brining cycle.

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Complete Water Solutions removed the old system and installed the new system providing a turnkey solution.


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