100 GPM Reverse Osmosis w/ Polishing Softener

Complete Water Solutions was asked to provide a 100 GPM Reverse Osmosis System with ancillary equipment. The RO System is being used to provide feed water to the boiler system. The boilers are high-pressure steam boilers requiring low conductivity, low hardness, along with low silica levels. First complete water solutions to a water sample for analysis to determine the correct treatment options. The facility is currently using water directly off of Lake Michigan and at times will switch over to city water when needed. We took this into consideration when building the system.

The first piece of equipment was a multi-media filter used to trap particulate and sediment prior to the RO System. Because the water could be turbid at times, the multi-media filter would help in reducing the turbidity and particulate loading. The equipment selected was the Fleck 3150 with time digital controllers. The controllers were tied back to the PLC to force the media filters into regeneration and to let you know which units were online.

Next was the RO System – the 100 GPM RO System was equipped with an Allen Bradley 1400 Micrologix PLC also allowing the customer to control the RO Operations from the operator station. The RO System was equipped with Anti-scalant feed (hardness) and bisulfite feed (chlorine).

The 3rd piece of equipment that was selected was the polishing softener. The RO system will not remove all the hardness but will remove the majority. Even after the RO system, there was roughly 4-5 PPM of hardness left over. The polishing softener was put in place to remove that hardness. The units selected were a triplex fleck 2900 with nxt controllers. The softeners were equipped with a remote source for regeneration as not to use RO water or require the RO to run 100% of the time. Polishing softeners also save on space, water, and salt versus putting the softener up-stream of the RO System.

Savings Calculations: Pre Softening vs Post Softening

Inlet Water Hardness121 PPM
RO Permeate Hardness5 PPM
Option A Option B
Steam Load28,109 PPH18,740 PPH
Estimated Water Make-Up Per Hour3,514 Gallons2,343 Gallons
Estimated Water Make-Up Per Day84,336 Gallon56,232 Gallons
Estimated Annual Make-Up 36530,782,640 Gallons20,524,680 Gallons
Softener Pre RO Capacity Between Regen90,000 Gallons
Salt Per Regeneration450 Lbs
Waste Water Per Regeneration1,315 Gallons
Estimated Salt Usage153,900 LBS102,600 LBS
Estimated Waste Water449,730 Gallons299,820 Gallons
POST RO Softener
Softener Post RO Capacity Between Regen300,000 Gallons
Salt Per Regeneration75 Lbs
Waste Water Per Regeneration228 Gallons
Estimated Salt Usage7,725 LBS5,175 LBS
Estimated Waste Water Usage23,484 Gallons15,732 Gallons
Salt Savings146,175 LBS97,425 LBS
Waste Water Savings426,246 Gallons284,088 Gallons

The Savings for post-RO Softening was evident in the modeling.

Want to look for savings at your facility? Is Post Softening Right For You?

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