Fleck NXT or NT Controller Upgrade To NXT2

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Old NT Controller

Complete Water Solutions was recently asked to rebuild a Fleck 3900 NT Industrial Water Softener System. One of our recommendations was to upgrade the controllers on the softeners. The customer had the original NT digital controllers on the softener system (2 generations back).

Upgrading the controller on a pre-scheduled plan can help with preventing an unexpected shut down due to controller failure. The new NXT2 controller has a few things to take into consideration when replacing the controller. The biggest thing was to find out the new NXT2 controller is 24V DC – the old controller is 24V AC. So the drive motors are not compatible with the new controller. You will need to replace the drive motors to successfully upgrade to the NXT2.


NXT2 Controller Features

  • New 2-4 Line LED Display
  • Support for up to 8 Tanks
  • Two Programmable Auxiliary Relay Outputs
  • Forwards & Backwards programming navigation
  • Program Settings Can be Pushed to connected units – this allows you to program one unit and push it to the other.
  • Two Regeneration Lockout Windows
  • Dynamic Network Addressing – this means the new controller will assign the address
  • Additional Diagnostic Displays
  • 100V-240V AC Input; 24V DC Output
  • Softener & Filter Programs
  • NXT2 Program Manual & Parts List

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