How to Record Your RO System’s Performance

RO Systems can be simple and complex and used in various applications. It's essential to know how to record your RO system's performance. In this blog, we are going to just be focusing on RO Systems for water treatment applications and how to make sure they're running at their best! We get quite a few [...]

Complete Water Solutions Announces New Facility

Complete Water Solutions announced today the final approval for a new 5,500 sq. ft. facility located @ 851 W Main Street Twin Lakes Wisconsin. The new facility will allow Complete Water Solutions the capability to expand services and provide fabrication of water treatment equipment. New Twin Lakes, WI Facility Complete Water Solutions designs, manufactures, and […]

RO Membrane Replacement on Saturday – New Reverse Osmosis Membranes

When you need membranes changed and your only downtime is Saturday – Rest assured Complete Water Solutions will be there.  We understand that some times that routine maintenance has to be done on weekends, evenings and holidays. Complete Water Solutions understands the importance of making sure that you stick to your maintenance schedule. When it […]

Why Pharmaceutical Companies Trust Complete Water Solutions

Complete Water Solutions was called in 3 years ago as this Pharmaceutical Company was trying to validate their water system and was having trouble with the existing sanitization and operations. Complete Water Solutions began reviewing the water system and past procedures. After our review, we were able to determine a few things. No sanitization documentation […]

RO System Failure – Low Flow, High Pressure & High Conductivity

Complete Water Solutions was called out for an emergency to get our client’s  Reverse Osmosis System back up and running. The problem that they were experiencing was High Conductivity, High Pressures & Low Flow. Emergency RO Service Upon arrival, it was determined that the RO System had experienced hard water. Complete Water Solutions tested the […]


  In our last article (Scale – How Is Scale Detrimental To Boilers), we discussed water hardness, different types of hardness, and we focused on some ways to pre-treat for water hardness prior to the feed water tank. In this article, we will shortly review what water hardness and we will focus on After-Treatment. What […]

Paint Line Rinse Water – Performa Softener & Osmonics RO System

Recently Complete Water Solutions received a call regarding spotting on a paint line. This current customer uses RO Water to rinse the final product prior to boxing and shipping the products to their customers. The customer had not had much experience with Reverse Osmosis & Softener systems so Complete Water Solutions performed a “Free Preventative […]


In this article, we will be looking at how scale is detrimental to boilers. But first, let’s take a moment to understand scale and the differences between different types. What Is Water Hardness? Water hardness (also referred to as “Hardness of water”) is a measurement in parts per millions (ppm) of calcium and magnesium in […]

RO System Preventative Maintenance Program

Parts & Service Preventative Maintenance Program Are you in need of a professional company to provide an RO System Preventative Maintenance Program for your industrial system? For many, your industrial water treatment system may consist of many pieces of equipment. Everything from softeners, carbon filters, and reverse osmosis systems. Many manufacturers agree that mechanical water [...]

1,000 GPM Sand Filtration For Turbidity & Color Reduction

  Our client had already purchased a 1,000 Gallon Per Minute Sand Filtration System from Complete Water Solutions. With their existing horizontal sand filtration beginning to leak media into the facility, it was deemed necessary to begin the next phase of the filtration replacement. The sand filtration consisted of the following: Qty (4) 60″ Epoxy […]

25 GPM Reverse Osmosis System – For FujiFilm USA Fujifilm USA contacted Complete Water Solutions because their old Deionized Water System was on its last leg. Over the years Fujifilm's had put quite a bit of money into the existing DI Water System. Based on some of the paperwork the system was originally installed in 1972 and had been upgraded a few times [...]

Water Treatment Equipment Leasing

Are you wondering how Water Treatment Equipment Leasing can benefit you? It has been a long-standing tradition that many of us want to see the "payback" or "savings" from upgrading or replacing your water treatment equipment. While it may not be true for every situation, many customers see immediate results by upgrading or replacing their existing [...]

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