When Should I Service My Water Softener?

All industrial water softeners and industrial water treatment equipment require maintenance. Today we take a look at a Fleck 2900 Twin Softener System equipped with a 3200NXT Electronic Controller. This system is used to exchange calcium and magnesium hardness ions for sodium ions prior to a reverse osmosis system. This process is also called or referred to as “Soft Water”. Reverse Osmosis systems do not work well when exposed to hard water, in some cases prolonged exposure can lead to damage of the RO Membranes.

Water Softener Solutions

We look at answering several questions when it comes to the service schedule for a water softener system in a pre-treatment design. In this video we are specifically looking at an application that requires NSF61 approved products. Complete Water Solutions services all major manufactures water treatment equipment. This video and the information in this post is a general guide line and may differ based on your water treatment system. Always consult a water treatment professional when it comes to a maintenance schedule for your system. A good robust maintenance program can help prolong the life of your equipment and reduce the unexpected failures. A robust program can also help in keeping the system in compliance.


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