When Should I Service My Carbon Filter?

All industrial water treatment equipment will require service. Today we take a look at a Fleck 3150 NXT Industrial carbon filter.  This carbon filter is used to remove chlorine prior to a reverse osmosis system. Chlorine will damage most RO Membranes with the exception of a few. In this video we look at how often should we replace carbon media. In many industrial carbon applications that are used in RO pretreatment applications, the carbon use replaced when it leaks through chlorine. In a food and pharma application it may be required sooner based on carbon testing, validation or certification. Some carbon filters require steam or chemical sanitization to help keep the carbon bed clean.  Carbon filters will require service out side of just replacing the carbon media. Replacing internal mechanical parts will be required too. Keeping the system on a robust preventative maintenance program can help in reducing unexpected failures and keep the system in compliance.

Carbon Filter Service

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