Water Softener Fiberglass Tank Collapsed

Complete Water Solutions recently received a call from a metal coating facility that uses Reverse Osmosis Water for their paint rinse line. Paint rinse lines prep the metal surface before paint or coating is applied. In some applications after painting the product is ran through a final spot free rinse bath. Collapsed Softener Tank Due […]

18 GPM Reverse Osmosis Metal Cleaning & Cooling

Complete Water Solutions recently designed, supplied and installed a water treatment system to provide Reverse Osmosis quality water for a metal extrusion process. The Reverse Osmosis water was used to rinse/cool the product. Without the RO Water, the hardness minerals and TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) caused spotting on the product which is not desirable from […]

Tonkaflo Pumps

TONKAFLO PUMPS: NEW PUMPS AND REPAIR SERVICES Tonkaflo Pumps are multi-stage pumps built to meet your requirements for general water applications, high-temperature, or chemical compatibility. Tonkaflo pumps set industry standards for reliability and low overall life-cycle costs, you can let them work without having to worry. Tonkaflo world-class pumps come with stainless steel shells on […]

Osmonics Pro Series Reverse Osmosis

OSMO Pro Series Discontinued It was announced this year that the OSMO Pro Series Reverse Osmosis Line will be discontinued. They have switched over to ProFlex which allows you some customization along with some pricing reduction. Complete Water Solutions will continue to support the OSMO Pro Series Reverse Osmosis Equipment. Complete Water Solutions provides parts, […]

Vantage RO MC10 Controller

Recently it was announced that the US Filter / Siemens Water / Evoqua Vantage RO Controller the MC10 was no longer going to be produced. The MC10 controller is obsolete and no longer in production. Complete Water Solutions has an alternative for this controller the CWSAL250 which is a drop-in controller. We recently did an […]

Municipal Iron Filter For Water Supply

Complete Water Solutions provided an Iron Filtration system for a Municipality located in Virginia. The town water supply was increasing in iron getting close to being above the MCL for the town. Complete Water Solutions worked with the village to help design and supply a system that would deal with the ferrous iron. The town […]

Hemp Farming Water Treatment

Water Treatment For Hemp? First, let us start off with this disclaimer – Complete Water Solutions does NOT condone the use of illegal substances and this particular client is growing hemp for hemp products, such as Hemp Protein Powder. At Complete Water Solutions, we have completed some interesting projects over the past year – Library […]

100 GPM Reverse Osmosis w/ Polishing Softener

Complete Water Solutions was asked to provide a 100 GPM Reverse Osmosis System with ancillary equipment. The RO System is being used to provide feed water to the boiler system. The boilers are high-pressure steam boilers requiring low conductivity, low hardness, along with low silica levels. First complete water solutions to a water sample for [...]

Dealkalizer Replacement At University

                        Dealkalizer Replacement with Another Dealkalizer? A few years ago a customer was looking at replacing their dealkalizer with another dealkalizer unit. This application was for boiler feed water make up. In most cases today we typically would replace a dealkalizer with a Reverse […]

Alternative To Lowering Cooling Tower pH

Complete Water Solutions was tasked to assist a customer with alternatives to lowering the pH in the cooling tower to meet the state DNR discharge limits. Cooling Tower pH Solution Current situation – The customer had several cooling water loops and towers that are all tied together. The cooling water is used to cool metal […]

Fleck NXT or NT Controller Upgrade To NXT2

Complete Water Solutions was recently asked to rebuild a Fleck 3900 NT Industrial Water Softener System. One of our recommendations was to upgrade the controllers on the softeners. The customer had the original NT digital controllers on the softener system (2 generations back). Upgrading the controller on a pre-scheduled plan can help with preventing an […]

Reverse Osmosis Pre-Treatment Change From Chemical To Mechanical – Magnum Softener Magnum Carbon Filter

Complete Water Solutions was called out to a customer in Missouri regarding problems with their paint line Reverse Osmosis System. The customer was experiencing excessive membrane replacements (8 Membranes 2x A Year) and had several other mechanical problems. The customer was currently using antiscalant and bisulfite After performing an onsite Preventative Maintenance (learn more click […]

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