PRO-100-NA & PRO-150-NA Reverse Osmosis 8″ Housing Replacement – Manufacture / Montana

In this video, we showcased a Reverse Osmosis Housing Replacement on a Pro-100-NA and Pro-150-NA Reverse Osmosis System. The housings that were replaced were wave cyber 8″ Reverse Osmosis Housings (RO Housings). The project entailed replacing (6) Housings Some of the housings were longer than others.  The water system was used to provide purified water for both Boiler Feed Water Applications and Process Applications in a manufacturer located in Montana.

Things to take into consideration when replacing these housings:

1.) Grooved Clamps – Recommended to replace the grooved clamps & gaskets

2.) Piping – Bring some PVC as the permeate ports may not line up and may require some rebuilding, same with the concentrate.

3.) Membranes – During this housing replacement we replaced the RO membranes. Which is a perfect time to do it as the new housing will be empty.

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