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Tina Promoted To Service Coordinator

Complete Water Solutions is pleased to announce that Tina Snow has been promoted to Service Coordinator. Over the past few years Complete Water Solutions has seen an increased demand for our technical services. With this increased demand there was the need for someone to help coordinate it all and help keep our customers informed. Tina’s […]

Tonkaflo Pump Manuals / Tonkaflo Pump Drawings – Don’t Take Apart Your Pump

Tonkaflo Pumps have been the work horse for the Osmonics Reverse Osmosis Systems for over 30+ Years. These industrial pumps have been used in many applications from UF, Nano Filtration, Reverse Osmosis and transfer of solutions. There are many variations when it comes to the Tonkaflo pump. In this video we cover the following topics: […]

Tonkaflo Pump Maintenance & Lead Times

Complete Water Solutions reviewed some common questions we get regarding Tonkaflo Pumps.  Tonkaflo pumps have been around for over 30+ years and remain a work horse of the Reverse Osmosis Industry. Tonkaflo pumps are used in a wide variety of applications. The main application Complete Water Solutions uses Tonkaflo Pumps is Reverse Osmosis (RO) water […]

Fleck 3900 Side Mount 165 GPM Softener System

Complete Water Solutions was recently awarded a project to replace a twin fleck 3900 side mounted softener system. The system specs: (2) 42″ Diameter x 72″ Tall Fiberglass Media Tanks – 150 PSI Rated (Pentair) (2) Fleck 3900 Valves w/ Side Mount Kit 3″ Inlet & Outlet Connections 2″ Drain Line Connection NT2 Digital Controller […]

Continuous Electronic Deionization (CEDI High Purity Water) – What is inside?

This week we took a look at what is inside a Continuous Electronic Deionization Stack. Continuous Electronic Deionization is also known as CEDI or EDI. CEDI is commonly used in high purity water applications such as, pharmaceutical water, power plant water make up, plating industries, labs and semiconductor. CEDI is typically used down stream of […]

Osmonics Beverage Nano Filtration (NF) 1233033 – Membrane Change Out

Complete Water Solutions recently changed out Nano Filtration Membranes on a Osmonics Beverage Nano Filtration Unit. The system was experiencing high conductivity. During the change out service plastic pieces / debris was found in the RO membranes. Upon future investigation it was noted that the pump had broken impellers that caused the plastic shards to […]

1200 GPM Industrial Water Softener Replacement

CWT-3000-4” Triplex Industrial Softener System (400 GPM Softener System) Complete Water Solutions supplied a triple tank softener system. The Industrial Water Softener comprised of (3) 72” Diameter x 72” Tall side shell. Each vessel was epoxy lined interior and polyurethane exterior coating. The reason the exterior coating was selected is to help with exterior environment […]

Osmonics Reverse Osmosis E8 Lakewood Controller Replacement

  Osmonics RO Systems from about the mid 90’s and earlier were equipped with Lakewood Controllers and Allen Bradley Micrologix 1000 PLC Systems. These products have been obsolete for years and parts to repair them are scarce to non existent. Complete Water Solutions offers 2 options to upgrade the Osmonics Lakewood Controller. In this video […]

Osmonics E8 Lakewood 2450 Controller Upgrade Lakewood Replacement

Complete Water Solutions is an expert in RO Systems and when it comes to Osmonics branded Reverse Osmosis Systems, we have extensive knowledge in operations, controllers, and Tonkaflo pumps. Since before the Mid 2000’s, Osmonics was using a combination of the Lakewood 2450 Controller and Allen-Bradley Micrologix 1000. Since then, both the Lakewood 2450 Controller […]

President Of Complete Water Solutions Takes Temporary Leave To Help Fight Covid-19

Emily Olszak President of Complete Water Solutions announced during the annual meeting that she would be taking a temporary leave (a few days a week) to help administer covid-19 vaccinations (volunteering). Emily’s career prior to Complete Water Solutions spanned over a decade as a Registered Nurse. Emily is grateful for the opportunity to volunteer to […]

Fleck 3150 Carbon Filter – Carbon Replacement – Carbon Re-Bed

Complete Water Solutions performed a carbon re-bed on a fleck 3150 Tank. Carbon filter in this application is used to remove chlorine prior to a Reverse Osmosis System. Chlorine will damage most RO membranes so having a carbon filter will help prevent that. The customer had chlorine bleed through which prompted the request for changing […]

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