Consolidation Of BEV RO Membrane Elements

Recently Veolia announced that they were going to be consolidating BEV Elements in efforts to simplify their spiral wound membrane products portfolio. Many of the consolidated elements have near identical performance and operations. All the new elements are NSF/ANSI Standard 61 certification.


OSMO BEV MEMBRANES have been used in Beverage Reverse Osmosis Systems for years and have been a great product for producing quality water along with maximizing production. OSMO BEV MEMBRANES have been in the market place for decades. The consolidation will help with helping production as well as keeping costs lower.

Discontinued Part Number Discontinued Model Name Replacement Part Number Replacement Model Name
1266767 OSMO-BEV-RO-CG-WT 3205636 BEV-RO-CG
3158136 BEV-RO-400-FF 3205636 BEV-RO-CG
1233032 OSMO-BEV-RO-FF 3205636 BEV-RO-CG
1158141 OSMO-817-HR (PA) 3205636 BEV-RO-CG
3158143 BEV-RO-400-CG 3205636 BEV-RO-CG
3027042 OSMO-BEV-RO-LE-FF-WT 3205637 BEV-RO-LE-CG
3158150 BEV-RO-LE-400-FF 3205637 BEV-RO-LE-CG
1233033 OSMO-BEV-NF-FF 3205465 BEV-NF-CA-CG

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