Resin Replacement For DI System & Softener

Nathan Olszak28 Year Of Water Treatment Equipment Experience. I have been blessed with the opportunity to learn from the ground up. Starting in the water treatment field as a service technician. Servicing all major brands of water treatment equipment. Give Us A Call (855) 787-4200 or Email

Why Pharmaceutical Companies Trust Complete Water Solutions

Complete Water Solutions was called in 3 years ago as this Pharmaceutical Company was trying to validate their water system and was having trouble with the existing sanitization and operations. Complete Water Solutions began reviewing the water system and past procedures. After our review, we were able to determine a few things. No sanitization documentation […]


  In our last article (Scale – How Is Scale Detrimental To Boilers), we discussed water hardness, different types of hardness, and we focused on some ways to pre-treat for water hardness prior to the feed water tank. In this article, we will shortly review what water hardness and we will focus on After-Treatment. What […]


In this article, we will be looking at how scale is detrimental to boilers. But first, let’s take a moment to understand scale and the differences between different types. What Is Water Hardness? Water hardness (also referred to as “Hardness of water”) is a measurement in parts per millions (ppm) of calcium and magnesium in […]

Emergency DI Water – Emergency DI Exchange Tanks – Chicago Land IL

Complete Water Solutions was contacted when a medical manufacturer needed DI Water and the current supplier could not deliver. The customer had called their DI Water / DI Bottle supplier for an emergency exchange several times. With no response, they began to search. Emergency DI Water Supplier After contacting Complete Water Solutions we mobilized and […]

Success Story: Metal Coating Equipment Manufacturer in IL

Water Application: This water is used to test the equipment that is manufactured by the customer. They use high purity water for the hot water process and to keep UV lamps in their machines cool. It is important that the water be 1 Microsiemen or better quality to keep film/scale from forming. Current Situation: The […]

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