Plating Facility RO & DI Water System – Illinois

Complete Water Solutions took over the service contract for a plating facility located in Illinois. Turnkey Water Treatment Solutions Complete Water Solutions supplies turnkey service for DI Exchange Tanks, UV Bulbs, RO Membranes, Carbon Filters, Fleck 9500 Softener System. All of the original equipment was sold by another company, but not to worry because Complete […]

Turbidity & Color Reduction Sand Filtration – Wisconsin

Our client had already purchased (1) 1,000 Gallon Per Minute Sand Filtration System from Complete Water Solutions. With their existing horizontal sand filtration beginning to leak media into the facility it was deemed to begin the next phase of the filtration replacement. The sand filtration consisted of the following: Qty (4) 60″ Epoxy Lined Vessels […]

Polishing Softener Separate Brine Tank – Wisconsin

Hardness Reduction in Polishing Softener Complete Water Solutions was contracted to take a triplex softener system and remove the last tank in the triplex unit and turn it into a polishing unit. This was due to water quality changes that resulted in hardness leakage. By making a softener a polishing softener we could reduce the […]

GE Osmonics AK4040F Reverse Osmosis Membranes – RO Membrane Replacement

Complete Water Solutions was recently contracted to replace all the membranes in (2) RO Systems. Each RO System was manufactured by different companies. That is not a problem for Complete Water Solutions! We provide parts, membranes, and service for all manufacturers. No matter who you bought it from or the application Complete Water Solutions can […]

Cooling Tower Cleaning – Plastics Manufacturer

Complete Water Solutions was called out due to low heat exchange. Upon further inspection, we found a large amount of Bio growing in and around the tower. This was not allowing the cooling of the water to take place. Comprehensive Cooling Tower Cleaning Complete Water Solutions cleaned all the towers and brought the system back […]

Degasifier Repack – Industrial Deionization – Complete Water Solutions

Our customer was experiencing short runs on their Industrial Deionization System. Complete Water Solutions performed a comprehensive system inspection and found that the Degasifier was fouled and not working properly. Degasifier Replacement & Repack Complete Water Solutions was hired to replace – repack the Degasifier. Upon repacking the Degasifier the customer was able to experience […]

Power Plant Water Treatment Equipment – Industrial Water Softener

Complete Water Solutions was called out a power plant recently due to finding resin in its drain line and in the RO System. Complete Water Solutions arrived onsite and inspected every softener system to determine which unit was causing the problem. Diagnostic Inspections After further inspection, Complete Water Solutions was able to find the problem […]

Preventative Maintenance for Softener System

A good preventative maintenance plan can help in preventing most softener failure issues. Softener systems today are used in a variety of applications from general water conditioning to industrial ingredient water. There are a few manufacturers of valves that control the softening function and most manufacturers agree that having a preventative maintenance plan in place […]

100 GPM Reverse Osmosis System – Turnkey Installation

Complete Water Solutions installed a 100 GPM Industrial Reverse Osmosis System. This system was a turnkey project. This Industrial RO System is used to provide feedwater to the customers’ boiler system. GE Channel Partner This RO system works in parallel with a GE Osmonics 100 GPM RO System. Perfect for Complete Water Solutions, as we […]

Industrial Reverse Osmosis System Turnkey – Fuji Film

Complete Water Solutions supplied and installed an industrial 25 GPM Reverse Osmosis system. The equipment was installed without shutting any of the processes down. Complete Water Solutions supplied and installed the following equipment: 30 GPM Booster Pump Was Installed to increase the pressure. Twin Fleck 9500 120,000 Grain Capacity Softener Systems Single Fleck 2850 Carbon […]

DI Tank Exchange Service – Chicago

Complete Water Solutions has been contracted over a few years now to supply Mix Bed DI Exchange Tanks to service a plating manufacture located in the Chicago, IL area. Personal Customer Service Prior to Complete Water Solutions, this customer had used a company known worldwide. However, the customer experienced several customer service-related issues. This prompted […]

Food Manufacturing Facility Industrial Softener

Complete Water Solutions was called out to a food manufacturing facility due to hard water in their boiler system. We found several issues with the Fleck 2900 Softener controller and with the internal parts. The Fleck 2900 10 Cubic Foot Softener was used to soften the water prior to the Cleaver Brooks Boiler System. Boiler […]

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