Food Manufacturing Facility Industrial Softener

Complete Water Solutions was called out to a food manufacturing facility due to hard water in their boiler system. We found several issues with the Fleck 2900 Softener controller and with the internal parts. The Fleck 2900 10 Cubic Foot Softener was used to soften the water prior to the Cleaver Brooks Boiler System. Boiler systems in steam applications work more efficiently with soft water minimizing hardness scale in the boiler.

Fleck Softener Parts & Service

Complete Water Solutions carries parts in stock for Fleck 2900 Series Softener Valves including 3200NXT Electronic Controllers. Complete Water Solutions rebuilt the softener system replacing the internal piston, spacer & seal kits. Upon completion of the repairs Complete Water Solutions started the system up and checked all operations and made sure everything was in full operation upon departure.

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