Osmonics RO AK8040F Membrane Change Out – Saturday Service

When you need membranes changed and your only downtime is Saturday – Rest assured Complete Water Solutions will be there. ¬†We understand that sometimes routine maintenance has to be done on weekends, evenings, and holidays. Complete Water Solutions understands the importance of making sure that you stick to your maintenance schedule. When it comes to […]

Industrial Iron Filtration Aquamatic Valves (Food Manufacturer)

Complete Water Solutions was contracted to replace an old green sand filtration system. This system was installed back in the early ’90s and consisted of (4) Green Sand Filter Vessels (Steel) controlled by Aquamatic Valves and a Badger Meter. The old green sand filter system had rusted through and was sending green sand media throughout […]

Water Softener Resin Loss – Aquamatic Valves

Complete Water Solutions was called out due to resin leaking past the softener. We also found resin in the drain. Complete Water Solutions mobilized and arrived on-site. We set up our equipment and began diagnostics on the system. We opened the softener system through the man way. We removed the resin and stored the resin […]

12 GPM RO System – Bottling Facility

This bottling facility located in Vermont required a 12 GPM Reverse Osmosis System. The bottling facility required 2,000 gallons of RO Water Per Batch. They finally came in contact with Complete Water Solutions, we were able to provide the RO System, Pre-treatment which consisted of a Water Softener, Carbon Filter and UV System. Complete Water […]

Power Plant Waste Water Iron Reduction

Complete Water Solutions provided a temporary solution to assist with Iron Reduction from Power Plant Metals Pond. The Iron Levels were too high to discharge to the sewer. Complete Water Solutions provided a break tank for chemical contact time, booster pump and media filtration unit. Temporary Iron Reduction Solutions To learn more about our temporary […]

Pharmaceutical Water Treatment System – Sanitization Procedures

Complete Water Solutions was called in 3 years ago as this Pharmaceutical Company was trying to validate their water system and was having trouble with the existing sanitization and operations. Complete Water Solutions began reviewing the water system and past procedures. After our review, we were able to determine a few things. Complete Water Solutions […]

Food Manufacture RO Problems – Hard Water

Complete Water Solutions was called out for an emergency to get a Food Manufacturer’s Reverse Osmosis System back up and running. The problem that they were experiencing was High Conductivity, High Pressures & Low Flow. Water System Diagnostics & Repairs Upon arrival, it was determined that the RO System had experienced hard water. Complete Water […]

Water System Sanitization

Complete Water Solutions recently helped this client to set up the sanitization procedures for their industrial water filtration system. Sanitization is incredibly important for many of our clients in the food, pharma, and beverage manufacturing industries. Not only did we properly sanitize their equipment, but we also helped them create the proper documentation of the […]

Replacing Carbon Media in a Carbon Filter

Complete Water Solutions was contacted by food manufacture located in Wisconsin to replace the carbon media in the carbon filter system. There were (4) Carbon Filter tanks used to remove free chlorine prior to the (3) 100 GPM Reverse Osmosis Systems. The Carbon Filters are re-bedded every year to comply with validation. Complete Water Solutions […]

Reverse Osmosis Membrane Cleaning

Complete Water Solutions was contracted to clean (3) 100 GPM Reverse Osmosis Systems Onsite. Complete Water Solutions used NSF Approved RO Membrane Cleaning Chemicals as these RO Systems are used in food production. Membrane Cleaning for Food Production Complete Water Solutions started with Low pH Cleaner First and followed up with High pH Cleaner. We […]

Paint Line Rinse Water – RO System & Softeners

Complete Water Solutions came out to perform a “Free Preventative Maintenance Check-Up”. Hard Water Issues for Paint Line Rinse Water We found that the Performa Softener System was not functioning causing hard water. Hard water was causing scaling, high conductivity and permeate flow issues on the GE Osmonics Reverse Osmosis System. Complete Water Solutions replaced […]

Bruner Softener System D180 Valve 2″ – Indiana

Spoiler Alert – We solved another soft water emergency! Complete Water Solutions was contacted due to hard water and a softener failure. Once on site we found that the Bruner Diaphram Valves were all showing signs of wear and the backwash flow controller was clogged. After replacing the Bruner Diaphragms and cleaning the backwash flow […]

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