Water Softener Resin Loss – Aquamatic Valves

Complete Water Solutions was called out due to resin leaking past the softener. We also found resin in the drain. Complete Water Solutions mobilized and arrived on-site. We set up our equipment and began diagnostics on the system. We opened the softener system through the man way. We removed the resin and stored the resin onsite. Upon removing the resin we were able to determine the cause of the problem.

Water Softener Solutions

The original contractor never leveled the gravel inside the softener tanks. They just dumped the gravel into the tank and it was pilled up on one side. This caused the distributor piping to flex during backwash, service and fast rinse. Over time the flexing of the piping began to weaken the pipe. The pipe cracked and caused the resin to begin leaking out.

Once we discovered the problem we were able to remove the remainder of the resin and a portion of the gravel. Complete Water Solutions made the repair. We then leveled out the gravel, re-installed the resin, topped off the water softener resin that was lost.

Complete Water Solutions did not stop there, we began to look at all the Aquamatic Valves for proper operations and found a few valves leaking. We repaired the valves. Upon completion of all the service work, we started this system back up. It’s been over 5 years now since that service was completed, and the client still has no issues!

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