Pharmaceutical Water Treatment System – Sanitization Procedures

Complete Water Solutions was called in 3 years ago as this Pharmaceutical Company was trying to validate their water system and was having trouble with the existing sanitization and operations. Complete Water Solutions began reviewing the water system and past procedures. After our review, we were able to determine a few things.

Complete Water Solutions Always Provides Proper Documentation – Unlike Others!

  • No sanitization documentation – there was no documentation to prove or validate that the sanitization chemistry was being introduced at the correct percentage for the correct amount of time.
  • No procedure documentation – there was no documentation to perform the sanitization or how it should be completed. With out this information there is no procedure. You need to know how to introduce the chemistry, test the sample ports (labeled), how to remove the chemistry. All of this needs to be done to ensure that it is done correctly every time, also it provides the correct testing procedures.
  • Without the written procedures with the existing system, there would be damage caused to the water treatment equipment which can result in downtime and expensive repairs.

Complete Water Solutions provided the sanitization paper work and wrote the step by step procedures for sanitization. Complete Water Solutions was able to not only provide these things, but we also were able to save the client in sanitization expenses. The past vendor took 2 days to complete the sanitization process, Complete Water Solutions has been able to successfully complete the sanitization in one day.  This has saved on average $13,000 annually.

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