Tower Cleaning Steel Mill

Complete Water Solutions was contracted to clean (2) towers. We contracted every year to clean the towers and make sure there are no major issues with fans, pumps and other equipment. “Cooling towers should be cleaned and disinfected at least twice a year. Normally this maintenance will be performed before initial start-up at the beginning of […]

Co-Gen Plant Water Softener

Complete Water Solutions was contacted by an Illinois Co-Gen Power Plant Facility to replace their aging water softener system. The existing system had been updated several times over the past 20+ years to keep it operational. The customer had a very limited budget to replace their system. In collaboration with the customer and Complete Water […]

Cooling Tower Cleaning & Sanitization

An Illinois School District reached out to Complete Water Solutions to clean and sanitize their cooling tower. Complete Water Solutions provided all the equipment and team power from start to finish. According to The United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) Technical Manual, all cooling towers should be thoroughly disinfected at a minimum of […]

Microbiology Tool Manufacturer Water System

Complete Water Solutions was contacted by a Microbiology Tool Sampling Manufacture to remove the water treatment system from one location and install it at the new location. Water Treatment System Relocation Complete Water Solutions removed the system on Monday and had it completely installed and operational by Thursday. We even were able to install additional […]

Food Manufacturing Facility Industrial Softener

Complete Water Solutions was called out to a food manufacturing facility due to hard water in their boiler system. We found several issues with the Fleck 2900 Softener controller and with the internal parts. The Fleck 2900 10 Cubic Foot Softener was used to soften the water prior to the Cleaver Brooks Boiler System. Boiler […]

Paper Mill Water – Sand Filtration

Complete Water Solutions provided an industrial sand filtration system to replace one of the horizontal sand filters that started leaking media. Complete Water Solutions helped with designing the system so it would fit through the existing elevators, minimizing the use of a crane, etc. to get the equipment in. Complete Water Solutions performed an in-field […]

Distillery Water System

Distillery Water System – A Distillery in Chicago IL called Complete Water Solutions as they were expanding their operations and required a larger water system. Distillery Water System Solutions Complete Water Solutions engineered a solution, provided installation and start-up of the water treatment system. This system was assembled with NSF-approved products. Complete Water Solutions assisted […]

Food Manufacturer RO System

Complete Water Solutions was called out due to high conductivity on the RO system after customer attempted cleaning. The conductivity was 18 Microsiemens prior to cleaning upon completion we were able to drop the conductivity down to 5 Microsiemens. RO Cleaning Experts We also helped with establishing good RO Cleaning techniques along with proper RO […]

GE Reverse Osmosis / EDI

Customer: Metals – Coating Testing Equipment Manufacture Location IL Water Application: This water is used to test the equipment that is manufactured by the customer. They use high purity water for the hot water process and to keep UV lamps in their machines cool. It is important that the water be 1 Microsiemen or better [...]

Bottling Facility Water System

Complete Water Solutions was asked to help with supplying Norit Carbon for the Industrial 100 GPM Carbon Towers. Complete Water Solutions sourced the carbon and had the project completed in less than 24 hours. Complete Water Solutions not only started the 100 GPM Norit Carbon Towers but we also started up the 150 GPM GE […]

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