Paint Line Washer Water System

Complete Water Solutions recently designed and installed a water system for a paint line pre-wash system. The system uses Reverse Osmosis water to help remove constituents that would otherwise impede the paint process. The following equipment was provided: Twin S-14A Twin Alternating Water Softener System (Hardness Removal)  Duplex Softener System 1 Tank Online 2nd Tank […]

Osmonics Reverse Osmosis Systems

COMPLETE WATER SOLUTIONS has been selling and servicing Osmonics RO Systems for a long time. Osmonics began building robust Reverse Osmosis Equipment as far back as the ’70s. GE purchased them back in 2003. Since then, GE-OSMONICS has announced that they will be selling the OSMONICS brand. Rest assured that Complete Water Solutions can help […]

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