Suez Reverse Osmosis Systems

Complete Water Solutions is a Suez Water Technologies & Solutions Channel Partner. This partnership allows Complete Water Solutions the opportunity to support, sell and design water treatment systems using the Suez Reverse Osmosis System Brand. There are many models to choose from when it comes to finding the right size system, not to mention there are many options such as cold water, PLC upgrades, and much more. Allowing the option to customize your water treatment system gives you the flexibility to get the system that fits your operation and budget. Complete Water Solutions offers a turn-key service from start to finish, from install, commissioning, and providing operator training.

Some Of The SUEZ RO System Models Available

E2 Reverse Osmosis Systems

  • E2-0375    375 Gallons Per Day
  • E2-0750    750 Gallons Per Day
  • E2-1125     1,125 Gallons Per Day
  • E2-1690    1,690 Gallons Per Day
  • E2-2535    2,535 Gallons Per Day

E4 Reverse Osmosis Systems

  • E4-2200   2,200 Gallons Per Day
  • E4-4400  4,400 Gallons Per Day
  • E4-6600  6,600 Gallons Per Day
  • E4-8800  8,800 Gallons Per Day
  • E4-11000  11,000 Gallons Per Day
  • E4-13200  13,200 Gallons Per Day

E4H Reverse Osmosis Systems

  • E4H-16K   16,000 Gallons Per Day
  • E4H-21K    21,000 Gallons Per Day
  • E4H-27K   27,000 Gallons Per Day
  • E4H-38K  38,000 Gallons Per Day
  • E4H-43K  43,000 Gallons Per Day

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