Why Do I Have High Conductivity In RO Permeate Water?


In this RO Troubleshooting video, we investigate some reasons why you may be experiencing high conductivity in your RO Permeate water. High conductivity in RO permeate is not really a desired product, most RO membranes should remove between 97% to 99.5% Total Dissolved Solids (Conductivity). These conductive solids are rejected and disposed of by the waste stream coming off the RO System, also known as concentrate. In this video we discuss areas to check including:

  • Brine Seals
  • Inner Connector Seals
  • End Adapter Seals

We also discuss how to further pinpoint the location of the high conductivity.

RO Troubleshooting Video Transcript

ro in labs, lab RO systems, purified water for labs, high conductivityHi Nathan with CWS. Up next in our troubleshooting series is high permeate conductivity. Now there can be several reasons for high permeate conductivity. If you’ve cleaned your RO membranes and you’re still experiencing high conductivity, or it’s past the 3-5 year mark you may want to look at just replacing it.

One of the things you can look at from a troubleshooting standpoint, maybe you just replaced your RO membranes and you’re having high conductivity, is to look at your brine seals- make sure they haven’t rolled or damaged on you. And the end is your permeate adapters, these are your interconnectors, on a 4 inch RO membrane they are going to be couplings, but these O rings if you haven’t replaced them or maybe they rolled on you those are some spots to check. Another area to look at is the end cap at the end of most RO housing. Some of these end caps will have test supports on them, and you can use your conductivity handheld to check your conductivity off of each housing to determine which housing has membranes that are having issues or need replace.

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Last thing you may want to check is your incoming water. Your incoming water can fluctuate. Every once in a while it could come from a different source, they could be flushing hydrants, etc, but checking your incoming water supply to see if the conductivity remains the same. If everything’s the same, I definitely recommend cleaning your RO membranes, looking for replacement, or checking your RO membranes.

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