Preventative Maintenance Program That Includes Parts & Service

For many, your industrial water treatment system may consist of many pieces of equipment. Everything from softeners, carbon filters, and reverse osmosis systems. Many manufacturers agree that mechanical water treatment equipment can benefit from a good preventative maintenance schedule.

Many industrial water treatment equipment users agree that if their water system has an “unplanned” need for maintenance or the equipment stops working in the middle of production, it can lead to thousands in lost product, revenue, and production.

One major water beverage manufacturer claimed that for every hour their system is down, they are losing approximately $30,000/hour in lost profit.

Preventative Maintenance (PM) Programs from Complete Water Solutions

There is an extensive range of PM programs. These PM programs can include everything from over site to consumables such as filters, salt (for softener) and RO membrane cleanings. Some of the items Complete Water Solutions includes in our PM Service(s) include but may not be limited to:

  • Building engineer check
  • Water quality check
  • Exterior system check
  • Report
  • Valve operation check on Softeners
  • Brine system check:
  • Valve operation check on Media Filtration
  • Controls check:
  • Reverse Osmosis:
  • Edi/Cedi
  • Calibration:
  • Training:

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While there is a lot to cover for each one of those area’s we wanted to focus on the things that are typically not covered. Many PM programs will provide oversight and potentially bring problems to attention. Many manufacturers don’t have a “maintenance schedule” listed in their manuals but rather they have a “Trouble Shooting” section. While these sections are good, we believe there is a better way to help in preventing valuable downtime.

While performing service on all mechanically driven water treatment equipment for over 23 years we have found a few rules of thumb that can help in preventing valuable down on your water treatment equipment. We have found that items such as mechanical valves and seals can wear out over time and require to be rebuilt much like spark plugs in a car. Some examples of these items:

Fleck Valves

  • Pistons
  • Spacer & Seal Kits
  • Brine Valves
  • Cam Gears
  • Media (Resin, Carbon, Greensand)


  • Valve Internals Rubber & Metal Kits
  • Stager Rebuild Kits
  • Cam Gears
  • Media (Resin, Carbon, Greensand)

Reverse Osmosis Systems

  • Inlet Solenoids
  • Pump(s)
  • Probes
  • Safety Switches (Pressures)
  • Pump
  • Membranes
Most of these parts tend to fail or wear out over time. Complete Water Solutions realizing that these parts are major components needed/required to keep your system running have developed a maintenance program to include these parts. This benefits in a few ways: 1.) The parts will be replaced or included in your Preventative Maintenance Program which means they will be replaced before they fail which can result in minimizing valuable downtime. 2.) These parts and services can be costly so having them included in your Preventative Maintenance contract can take a service that may need capital requirements and budget it over the course of your Preventative Maintenance Project.
Example: (just example)
  • Quarterly PM Service Agreement without parts $400.00
  • Softener System Rebuild (Fleck 2900 Valve) $2,000
If we take the softener system rebuild and include it in the quarterly pm and break it out over a 3 year period. $566.67 – For just $166.67 more you can include parts that should be replaced on your softener system to help prevent valuable downtime. Not to mention you will have budged for the repair in advance, which means the parts will be on-site should it be required sooner. Another benefit you will also receive is locking in pricing. By getting the PM Service contract with parts locked in now you will get the benefit of today’s pricing. As you know prices increase every year on parts and some times labor. These costs are locked in which can result in future repair savings.

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