Automated Blending System

Complete Water Solutions recently built a blending station for one of our clients. This system was used to take cow water and well water (two separate sources) and blend it together to make up cooling tower water. Cow water is water that is removed during the dairy refining process. This water is low in conductivity and with the proper treatment can be suitable to be used in other areas of the plant. In this application they are using a blend to feed their cooling tower make up.

The auto blend station consisted of the following:

  • Sch 80 PVC Materials
  • Visual Check Valves
  • 4-20 ma modulating ball valves – (adjusted based on flow set point)
  • Visual flow meters (Inline)
  • 1″ Turbine Meters
  • Sample Vales & Pressure Gauges For Both Inlet Feeds and Blended Source
  • Allenbradley 1400 Micrologix

Complete Water Solutions performed a field installation and provided a copy of the program upon completion.

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