What Are Greensand Filters? What Is Greensand Plus?

What Are Greensand Filters?

Greensand filters are often used in an array of commercial and industrial water treatment applications to remove iron, manganese, hydrogen sulfide, arsenic, and radium.

How do Greensand Filters Work To Remove Iron?

Greensand filters work primarily two different ways to filter and remove iron:

  • Intermittent Regeneration (IR): In this process the Greensand catalytic function happens on the surface of the Greensand media. Once the greensand media has reached capacity it will no longer be able to remove dissolved iron. It will have become exhausted and require regeneration. This regeneration process is similar to that of a water softener. The biggest difference is the regenerate chemical that is used. The most common chemical used to regenerate Greensand media is potassium permanganate.

greensand media filter diagram, catalytic oxidation process for green sand water filtration

  • Catalytic Oxidation (CO): In the water industry we also refer this as continuous operation. The catalytic oxidation operation involves feeding a strong oxidant directly into the raw water before the Greensand filter.  The most common oxidant used is Chlorine (Cl2)



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What Is Greensand Plus?

Greensand Plus is a traded marked black filter media. Greensand Plus is used to remove and filter manganese, soluble iron, hydrogen sulfide, arsenic, and radium from water supplies. The GreensandPlus media is coated with manganese dioxide, this coatings provides the catalyst in the oxidation reaction of iron and manganese.



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