Water Treatment Equipment Leasing

Are you wondering how Water Treatment Equipment Leasing can benefit you?

It has been a long-standing tradition that many of us want to see the “payback” or “savings” from upgrading or replacing your water treatment equipment. While it may not be true for every situation, many customers see immediate results by upgrading or replacing their existing water treatment equipment.

Example – Boiler Feed Water / Pre-Treatment Equipment:

Upgrading from a Water Softener to a Reverse Osmosis System can have many benefits including:

  • Lower TDS / Conductivity
  • Lower Blow Down
  • Reduced Chemical Usage
  • Higher Cycles
  • Reduced Energy Usage

There have been many ways to gauge the payback and to determine whether or not it is feasible to complete. A long-standing tradition has been a “2 Year Payback”. If the project costs can be recuperated within 2 years or less using the “savings”, then you were on the right track to getting your water treatment project approved. This kind of water treatment project typically gets put under a “Capital Project” and can take years to reach approval.

Then there is the water treatment equipment leasing option – 

With leasing, you can realize your savings or see savings from day 1 of installation.

For example, if the RO System installed costs $350.00 a month (leased) and the realized savings is $500.00 a month – then by the end of the year you will have achieved a savings of +$1,800.00.

From year 1 you will see a positive payback.

                                             Standard Capital                                   Lease Option

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Upfront Cost                          $15,000.00                                               $0.00

Monthly Payment x12             $   0.00                                                 $4,200.00   ($350.00/month)

Year 1 Savings                       ($6,000.00)                                            ($6,000.00)

Positive Savings                    ($9,000.00) Left to Pay Off                   $1,800.00 added back to budget

These savings can be added back to your bottom line or your maintenance budget to be used for other projects/maintenance related items. You may also be able to implement the project sooner as it is a lower dollar amount and therefore, may not have to go through the capital process thus resulting in realized savings sooner.

Some Additional Water Treatment Leasing Benefits:

  • Improves Cash Flow: When you finance your Water Treatment Equipment with Complete Water Solutions, your cash isn’t tied up in the equipment. Instead, it’s free for other investments that will grow your business, produce income, and ensure the equipment you acquire earns profits.
  • Preserves Other Lines of Credit: Tomorrow can bring many opportunities. Financing Water Treatment Equipment (RO Systems, EDI, Softeners) with Complete Water Solutions means you’ll have the credit available (either from the bank or other sources) to take advantage of future opportunities.
  • Hedges against inflation: Your monthly payment remains the same over the term of the lease or loan. Dollars paid later in the term usually have less purchasing power than those paid at the beginning of the term…so you pay for today’s equipment needs with tomorrow’s lower-value dollars.
  • Provides 100% financing: Even “soft costs” such as training, shipping, installation, and maintenance agreements can usually be included. So you can rest easy knowing that these associated costs won’t disrupt your cash flow. Spare Parts, Consumables, RO Membranes can all be included.
  • Simplifies equipment changes: Hiring an additional workforce? Increasing efficiency? Additional equipment can easily be added to your existing loan or lease. Or, if you’re trying to stay ahead of the competition by staying ahead of technologies, the equity in your financed equipment can be applied toward the loan or lease of new equipment. These options solve the problems of obsolescence – and make your job easier.
  • Offers excellent rates: Complete Water Solutions standard rates are highly competitive. Check out our Instant Quote tool, and see how we can offer you the benefits and ease of financing – as well as affordability.
  • Saves on taxes: Depending on the type of lease you select, as much as 100% of your payments may be tax-deductible.
  • Offers many payment programs: Complete Water Solutions works for you. You choose the type of loan or lease that best fits your needs, and you select the length of the loan or lease term.
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See also  Before You Purchase an Industrial RO System: Sizing the System Appropriately