How Long Do RO Membranes Last?

  In this video, we try to answer a common question: How Long Will My RO Membranes Last?  Over the years we have looked at past data, we have had membranes last from 1 year to 10 years. Membrane life can vary from the application, pre-treatment, water quality, and how hard you are running the […]

Sand Filtration System Paper Mill – Wisconsin

Complete Water Solutions was awarded the 2nd Quad Sand Filtration System for a paper consumables manufacturing facility. Sand Filtration Solutions This was the 2nd sand filtration system that Complete Water Solutions provided for this facility. The sand filtration system is in place to help reduce the turbidity for the process. The water comes from a […]

Don Decker Award Achievement

Journeyman Restricted Plumbing License Awarded by: Nathan Olszak Owner of Complete Water Don Decker joined the Complete Water Team back in October 2015. Don has over 10 years of experience in the water treatment field. One of Don’s personal goals when he joined was to obtain his Journeyman Restricted Plumbing License. We are honored to […]

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