Steel Mill Water Softeners – Emergency Repair


When your industrial water softener takes a break on Friday – Give Us A Call or any time your softener stops working give us a call. This softener decided to stop working on Friday @ 6 in the morning, and this customer made the right call – to us! We quickly sprang into action and got on site. Once onsite, we found a controller board that was starting to come apart – this subsequently caused the Cat 5 cable to not make a connection which threw all the softeners into error mode.

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After correcting the board – we found that the brine pump was continuously running.

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Thats when we discovered the flow switch was stuck in the on position. The fin had broken off and was keeping the pump in the on position. We were able to fix the fin till a replacement could be secured.

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Once that was fixed Complete Water made sure everything worked – Putting the system into regeneration and verifying brine and the regeneration sequence. Also performed water testing.

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