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Complete Water Solutions was recently awarded a contract to help provide support services and training for a drinking water Reverse Osmosis Plant on a remote island in the Pacific. This island is located over +6,500 miles away from our corporate office in Twin Lakes WI.

The water treatment plant on the island is vital to the people who are living there. The water treatment plant consists of several pieces of equipment, but the main piece of equipment is the Reverse Osmosis System. This particular RO System is a Sea Water Reverse Osmosis System with Sea Water Membranes.

What makes sea water different from brackish water?

Typically most brackish water applications are dealing with low salinity and lower inlet conductivity. The second most notable item is the operating pressures. Due to the osmotic force that is a result of the salinity / TDS, the RO system will see a higher pressure to create RO permeate.  The third noticeable difference will be the recovery. Many brackish water Reverse Osmosis Systems recover 75-80% of all water used to produce RO Permeate. Sea Water Reverse Osmosis will recover far less, a water analysis can help determine how far you can take it but many systems are designed with 35-45% recovery.

Complete Water Solutions helped our customers with reviewing the existing system. During this review, we checked all safeties, operations, chemical settings, and water quality. These reviews are very helpful as we can find things that should be replaced, changed, or improved on to help keep the system running at its optimum.

Complete Water Solutions also provides onsite operations and maintenance training. These training are tailored to your water treatment system.

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Why contact Complete Water Solutions to provide training and system review?

There are many reasons to use Complete Water Solutions. The biggest reason is our Field Service Engineers are certified in Reverse Osmosis Operations & Troubleshooting. Our Technicians undergo a 490-hour certified class to gain insight and knowledge of reverse osmosis operations and troubleshooting. This training helps our customers with reduced down time and the ability to pass on what we learn to our customers.


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