Saving Money By Installing RO before Deionized (DI) Exchange Tanks


The customer current set up was utilizing Carbon, Cation & Anion exchange tanks prior to the Mixbed DI Tanks. This system provided DI Water for a lab. The customer was exchanging the Carbon, Cation and Anion pretreatment tanks on a regular basis. The current set up had no sample ports or quality measurements after the Cation & Anion pretreatment tanks. This inability to test the water or monitor the water after the pre-treatment equipment does not alloy the customer to identify when the are spent or bad. This results in poor water quality feeding the Mixbed DI Tanks. The poor water quality will result in DI Tanks needing to be exchanged more frequently costing the end user more money in operations cost.

Complete Water Solutions looked at options to increase the water quality feeding the Mixbed DI System and to provide a pre-treatment water quality monitor. Complete Water Solutions performed a cost analysis and estimated water usage data. With this information we designed a new pre-treatment system using the following equipment:

  • Fleck 9100 SXT Metered Water Softener (Hardness Removal / Exchange)
  • Fleck Automatic Backwashing Carbon Filter
  • 200 Gallon Per Day Reverse Osmosis System (With TDS Monitor)
  • Water Meter

The old water system was dismantled and the new one installed in 2 days. Complete Water Solutions sanitized all the new piping and water system loop upon completion. This system reduced the TDS to the mixbed DI Tanks. This reduction in TDS extended the output of the DI Tanks and improved the overall water quality output.


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