RO System Is Off But Still Running To Drain – RO Troubleshooting


In this Reverse Osmosis (RO) Troubleshooting video we investigate why the RO System is off but still flowing water. Here we discuss a few areas to look at. Including the in Aquamatic Valves K524, along with the potential solenoid valve that is controlling it. We cover how to investigate the valve to see if its the solenoid or the valve that might have failed.

When the RO System is in the off position (no call for water) or the power is off to the Reverse Osmosis system then the Inlet valve should be shut not allowing water to flow through. This may not be the only source that could cause water to flow through the RO system. Such things as shared drain line may be another cause or potentially the permeate line sits higher than the waste line. This can cause a vacuum when the RO is off and begin to siphon RO permeate water from the RO storage tank. It is recommended to install a vacuum breaker in the waste line (at the highest point)

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