Reverse Osmosis Membrane Cleaning – What should I use to Clean My RO Membranes




Reverse Osmosis Membrane Cleaning, clean ro membranesDo you know you need Reverse Osmosis Membrane Cleaning, but you’re not sure what to use to clean the RO membranes? Complete Water Solutions can help! In this video we discuss a few chemicals we use to clean RO Membranes. Getting the best RO Cleaning or RO Membrane Restoration service/outcome really begins with looking at the inlet water quality and how the RO system is operated (pressures, flows, pretreatment, array, and a number of membranes). This can provide a good start to having success. Sometimes going further such as performing a RO membrane autopsy can give you specifics not only in foulants but also can help with changing the chemistry or pretreatment used.

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27 Year Of Water Treatment Equipment Experience. I have been blessed with the opportunity to learn from the ground up. Starting in the water treatment field as a service technician. Servicing all major brands of water treatment equipment.

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