Osmonics Beverage Nano Filtration (NF) 1233033 – Membrane Change Out

Complete Water Solutions recently changed out Nano Filtration Membranes on a Osmonics Beverage Nano Filtration Unit. The system was experiencing high conductivity. During the change out service plastic pieces / debris was found in the RO membranes. Upon future investigation it was noted that the pump had broken impellers that caused the plastic shards to end up in the filters.

Prior to changing out the filters the water system was evaluated:

Membrane feed 33psi
Concentrate 19.4

Permeate 94.6gpm
Concentrate 19.3gpm

Permeate conductivity 200ms
Concentrate conductivity 273.7

After changing out the filters the water system was re-evaluated:

Membrane feed 156.5psi
Concentrate 123.4 psi

Permeate 104gpm
Concentrate 42gpm gpm

Permeate conductivity 22.9ms
Concentrate conductivity 307.6


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