Key Industries that Benefit from Deionized Water

What is deionized water and why is it important?

Deionization is the removal of ions through the chemical process where ion-exchange resins switch out hydrogen and hydroxyl ions for the dissolved materials. Deionized water is water that has been treated to remove all these ions and total dissolved solids. This means once the exchange has happened, all that is left is pure water. Deionized water is commonly used across many industries to have a blank slate to work with for their water as it is one of the most ideal types of purified water.

What are the advantages?

High Purity: Deionized water is mainly used for its highly-pure properties which is beneficial to many industries.

Low Conductivity: Deionized water has very little or no ions making it ideal for industries that need water with low conductivity.

No Residue: Since deionized water does not contain contaminants, no residue is left behind. Deionized water is also useful due to its lack of salt buildup or calcification.

Solvent: Deionized water makes an excellent and unique solvent. It is considered a true water blank, meaning it takes on the chemistry of whatever is added to it.

Ease of Operation: Deionized water systems are straightforward

industrial use for deionized water, deionized water industries, di water for industrial use
industrial use for deionized water, deionized water industries, di water for industrial use


Deionized water is often utilized in industry settings such as manufacturing and factories. This is because these industries often need pure water to run their machines. Deionized water is the perfect solution due to its lack of contaminants and minerals. This lack of ions helps run the machines more smoothly and prolong their working life. This is mainly because of the avoidance of residue and build up often caused by impure water.


Laboratory settings often use deionized water as their choice of pure water. This is because deionized water is highly pure. Highly pure water is essential in lab operations in order to not throw off test results with contaminated water. Deionized water is the best way to have consistent, highly purified water.


The highly pure water that is a result of the deionization is ideal for medical situations. It can be used in many situations such as medical treatments, tests, and sterilization. Medical industries need water that is a blank slate and bacteria free in order to bring the best treatment to their patients.


Deionized water is used in pharmaceutical settings due to the need for water that is bacteria-free.  Highly pure, deionized water ensures that the water is completely chemical free. This is important when the water will be mixed with medicines that go into a patient’s body. It is extremely important to know that the water is completely pure which can be achieved with deionization.

Complete Water Can Help!

Here at Complete Water Solutions, we are dedicated to bringing you the best water purification products on the market. All of our customers know that buying a water purification system from us guarantees your water will be highly pure for any application. We recommend using a deionization system for many industries such as industrial, laboratory, medical, and pharmaceutical. 

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Deionization systems are often recommended to be used as a part of your entire water purification system rather than just as stand-alone units. A Reverse Osmosis system is often used in conjunction with deionization to remove larger particles before the deionization system can go in and remove the ions in the water.

Give us a call today to get started! We will help with all of your water purification needs! Complete Water Solutions will analyze your needs and recommend a water purification system that will perfectly meet your needs!

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