Fleck 3150 Carbon Filter – Carbon Replacement – Carbon Re-Bed

Carbon Filter Replacement

Complete Water Solutions performed a carbon re-bed on a fleck 3150 Tank. Carbon filter in this application is used to remove chlorine prior to a Reverse Osmosis System. Chlorine will damage most RO membranes so having a carbon filter will help prevent that. The customer had chlorine bleed through which prompted the request for changing the media. Complete Water Solutions uses a specific tool to replace carbon media from fiberglass tanks. This tool allows us to empty the tank within minutes and allows us to use totes to remove the carbon off site for proper disposal. When replacing the carbon media we also recommend rebuilding the internals on the valve assembly. Installing new carbon we recommend soaking the carbon media overnight before backwashing and placing in service.

  • Fleck 3150 Valve Body Part #15114
  • Piston Assembly NHWBP Part #60113-01
  • Seal & Spacer Kit Part #60131
  • Inner O-Ring Part #16304-01
  • Carbon Media Part #AWCR1240


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