Emergency Softener Tank Replacement – Tanks In Stock

Equipment: Duplex Softener System

Model Number: Fleck 3900 Twin NXT 900,000 Grain Capacity

Scope: Temporary Fiberglass Softener Tank

Complete Water Solutions was recently called out when a 20 year old fiberglass softener tank cracked and sprung a leak. This caused the customer to send hard water to their boiler system which is sensitive to hardwater. After the initial evaluation replacement of the whole softener system was highly recommended. The factors that lead to that decision were, resin age, tank age, digital controllers were obsolete.

The new softener system (direct replacement) will take 4-6 weeks to complete. In the mean time Complete Water Solutions was able to use a tank from our inventory to provide a temporary tank to get the system back online. If you need a fiberglass tank we carry many in stock and have a skilled service team that can help you with your replacement.


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