How to Make Deionized (DI) Water

Temporary Deionized Water Systems Provided By Complete Water Solutions

When you don’t want a permanent Deionized Water system a temporary one can be a cost-effective option. Complete Water SOlutions can help you make deionized water! Temporary DI Water systems can be hooked up using temporary hoses and using exchange tanks. This process can make for quick set up and easy removal. DI Exchange tanks are similar to propane tanks once they are exhausted or used up they will need to be exchanged. DI Water Exchange tanks are usually equipped with Cation Resin and Anion Resin.

When cation and anion resin are in separate tanks they are called separate bed DI Tanks. The cation resin and anion resin can be also mixed together and this is commonly referred to as Mixbed. Deionized water is a process typically performed when a source water is passed through a Mixbed Deionize Tank – when the water passes through the resin bed ions begin to exchange. Example calcium (Ca) will change with the cation resin which will have a Hydrogen (H).

Once all the ions are exchanged in the DI Water tank it will become “Exhausted” no longer able to exchange any ions. At this time you would exchange that tank for a new one.


Temporary DI Water can provide 1 Meg Ohm To 18 Meg Ohm

Type I DI Water or Type II DI Water

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