Continuous Electronic Deionization (CEDI High Purity Water) – What is inside?

This week we took a look at what is inside a Continuous Electronic Deionization Stack. Continuous Electronic Deionization is also known as CEDI or EDI. CEDI is commonly used in high purity water applications such as, pharmaceutical water, power plant water make up, plating industries, labs and semiconductor. CEDI is typically used down stream of a Reverse Osmosis System to clean the water up more by removing additional Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) that made it past the RO.

CEDI has been around for many years and as time has passed the technology has improved along with water quality. Power consumption on these units are minimal compared to the water output. We have seen this equipment produce high purity water as good as 18.2 Meg Ohm or 0.055 microsiemens.

In this video we took apart one of these CEDI stacks to show you what is on the inside.


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Published By Nathan Olszak

March 2nd 2021

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