18 GPM Reverse Osmosis Metal Cleaning & Cooling

Complete Water Solutions recently designed, supplied and installed a water treatment system to provide Reverse Osmosis quality water for a metal extrusion process. The Reverse Osmosis water was used to rinse/cool the product. Without the RO Water, the hardness minerals and TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) caused spotting on the product which is not desirable from a quality standpoint.

Complete Water Solutions Designed & Installed the following water system:

  • CWSS-150-2
    • Fleck 2900 Softener Control Valve
    • NXTR2 Digital Controller
    • 5 Cubic Feet C110 10% Cross Link Softener Resin
    • 2″ Clack Flow Meter
    • 18″ x 65″ Fiberglass Tanks (Non-ASME)
  • CWSC-7-2
    • Fleck 3150 2″ Control Valve
    • Time Clock Controller
    • 7 Cubic Foot Carbon Media (Virgin)
    • 21″ X 65″ Diameter Fiberglass Tanks (Non- ASME)
  • E4-8800-DLX  Reverse Osmosis (x3)
    • (4) AK4040FM Low Energy Membranes (For Cold Water)
    • Auto Flush Timer Assembly w/Valve
    • Pressure Gauges
      • Pre Filter
      • Post Pre Filter
      • Primary
      • Final
    • Flow Meters
      • Permeate
      • Concentrate
    • Conductivity Controller
  • Waste System
    • 4,450 GPH Stainless Steel Pumps
    • Overflow Safety Alarm

This system was installed in 3 days, commissioned on Day 3 with training provided on Day 3 and the following morning. The system was installed using sch 80 PVC Piping. Electrical was provided by others.


Do you need a turnkey RO System – Complete Water Solutions can provide design services, equipment and installation.

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This RO System was installed in Virginia

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