1200 GPM Industrial Water Softener Replacement

CWT-3000-4” Triplex Industrial Softener System Replacement (400 GPM Softener System) Industrial Water Softener Replacement, commercial water softener

Complete Water Solutions supplied a triple tank softener system. The Industrial Water Softener comprised of (3) 72” Diameter x 72” Tall side shell. Each vessel was epoxy lined interior and polyurethane exterior coating. The reason the exterior coating was selected is to help with exterior environment corrosion. Vessels were 100 PSIG Non-Code. Each vessel contained 102 cubic feet of Dow Cation Resin Amberlite HPR 1100 Na (formally Dowex Marathon C)

Softeners utilized Promag 300 Flow Meters. The capacity of each softener vessel is 3,000,000 grain capacity based off of max salt dosage. The softener uses signals from a flow totalizer to initiate the automatic regeneration. Regeneration may also be initiated manually by an operator or by hardness monitor.

The valves are pneumatically controlled by individual solenoid valves. Each softener vessel has a Nema 4X enclosure to house the solenoid valves that control the valve operation. The softener main controller is a PLC system equipped with a Allen Bradley 1400 Micrologix and AB HMI

The hardness monitors selected for this project were waltron.


Total System
System Design Flow Rate 945 GPM Normal                                             1200 GPM Peak
Operating Water Pressure 40-100 PSIG
Operating Water Temperature 100°F Maximum
Per Vessel
Normal Flow Rate & Pressure Loss @ 60°F 315 GPM @ ≤6 PSID
Peak Flow Rate & Pressure Loss @ 60°F 400 GPM @ ≤8 PSID
Minimum Flow Rate 56 GPM
GPM/SQ. FT., Design 11.3 @ Normal Flow 14.4 @ Peak Flow
Backwash Rate @ 60°F 140 GPM
Ion Exchange Capacity 3,000,000 @ 15# NaCl/cu.ft. resin dosage    2,000,000 @ 6# NaCl/cu.ft. resin dosage
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