Radium 226 Water Treatment

What Is Radium 226?

Radium (Ra) is a radioactive element that occurs naturally in varying quantities within rocks and soil found within the earth’s crust. Small amounts of radium can also be found in groundwater. One of the most commonly found isotopes of Radium that can be problematic in drinking water is known as Radium 226.

Is Radium 226 Harmful to Those That Ingest It?

Water containing radium 226 can be hazardous to human health when the water is used for drinking or cooking. Absorbed radium, much like calcium, is deposited in the tissues of the body, especially bone. Internally deposited radium emits alpha particles that can then damage surrounding tissue. High levels of Radium 226 can cause depression of the immune system, anemia, fractured teeth, and cataracts. Increased exposure has also been attributed to an increased incidence of liver, bone, and breast cancer.

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Types of Radium 226 Water Treatment

There are a number of treatment methods available to remove radium 226 from water. That’s where Complete Water Solutions comes in! If your commercial or industrial facility is having issues with radium 226 in your water, we have a number of options for removing this hazardous element from your water supply:

The above methods can remove up to 90 percent of the radium 226 present, but it’s important to work with professionals to ensure the quality of your water meets the needs of your facility. For instance, ion exchange softeners can result in the addition of sodium to the treated water. For some, this would be an unfavorable result. Reverse osmosis, on the other hand, can treat the water without adding salt.

There are a number of industries that may find that their source water contains radium 226 including:

Complete Water Solutions can help you with radium 226 removal in your facility. Contact us today!


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