Electro-Deionization (CEDI) – MEDI-200


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Electro-Deionization (CEDI) Systems with 200 Gallons per Minute (GPM) Water Production Rate – MEDI-200


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Model Number MEDI-200
Part Number MEDI-200
Shipping Weight 4400 lb
Key Features NEMA-4 electrical enclosures
Allen Bradley MicroLogix Series PLC system
Allen Bradley PanelView operator terminal
DC Power supply/rectifier unit
Electric-actuated inlet water valve
Individual CEDI cell sampling ports
Product water resistivity monitor
Flowmeters for product, reject, and electrolyte streams
Feedwater pH monitor
AC Voltage 120 V460 V
Electrical Phase 13
Frequency 60 Hz
Operating Temperature 50 to 100 ºF
Overall Length 133 in
Overall Width 48 in
Overall Height 84 in
Notes Dimensions and shipping weights are estimated only. Actual dimensions and weights differ dependant Upon the final system design and options selected.Standard specifications are based on typical applications and incoming water quality from a Two-Pass Reverse Osmosis( RO) System. Specifications may be altered to meet certain site conditions and changes in incoming and/or product water quality requirements.
Minimum Inlet Pressure 60 psig
Maximum Inlet Pressure 100 psig
Expected Pressure Drop 30 to 40 psig
Industrial Applications Chemical ManufacturingPower GenerationElectronics / SemiconductorIndustrial Process WaterBoiler FeedResearch Lab Facilities
Nominal Recovery 90 to 95 %
Optional Equipment Product water divert valve
Alternate PLC systems
CEDI cell clean-in-place (CIP) systems
CPVC system piping
Feedwater resistivity monitor
System pressure transmitters
Product water pressure relief valve
Two-pass Reverse Osmosis (RO) pretreatment
Feed/product water storage tanks
Feed/product water transfer pump systems
Electro-Deionization (CEDI) Water Quality 15 to 18 MO
Electro-Deionization (CEDI) Water Production Rate 200 gpm
Quantity of Electro-Deionization (CEDI) Cells 8
Maximum Current Load at 350VDC 48 A
Inlet Feed Water Rate 220 gpm
Maximum Water to Drain 20 gpm
Inlet Connection Size 4 in
Outlet Connection Size 1 in
Electrolyte Flush Connection 3/4 in
Feed Conductivity (Including Co2) < 10 µs/cm
pH Rate 7 to 10
Silica (Reactive) < 0.1 ppm
Total Hardness as Caco3 < 0.1 ppm
Total Organic Carbon (TOC) < 0.1 ppm
Heavy Metals (Fe, Mn Etc.) < 0.01 ppm
Free Chlorine as Cl2 < 0.05 ppm

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Weight 4400 lbs

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