RO Membrane Pusher Tool

Membrane Pusher Tool By Complete Water Solutions

Complete Water Solutions service technicians have replaced 1000’s of membranes over the years and one thing has remained not much has changed in the way of getting them out. We have run into systems where the membranes come out easy, and other systems where we had to use a sledgehammer. Membranes that were tough to get out also caused fatigue on the body along with strain and increased risk of injury. Looking for a way to make removing membranes easier Complete Water Solutions developed a tool to help do just that. The membrane pusher tool allows you to adapt it to a stainless steel housing or fiberglass housing and push the membranes out using the spool pieces provided. Once the membranes are out you can begin to install the new membranes using the tool.

Remove and install membranes with ease.

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