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ResinTech SIR-1300 is a hybrid ion exchange resin media with catalytic properties to remove dissolved iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide from potable and non-potable water. SIR-1300 oxidizes dissolved ferrous iron (FE2+) to insoluble ferric iron (FE3+). Similarly soluble Mn2+ will be converted to insoluble Mn3+. H2S is reduced to yellow sulfur particulate. A secondary mechanism of SIR-1300 is Arsenic Reduction. As Iron is loaded onto the bed, Arsenic is co-precipitated as ferric arsenate. The resulting insoluble Iron, Mn, sulfur and arsenate particulates are effectively removed via filtration. The accumulated particulates can be removed with simple backwash and air scour.


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Manufacturer ResinTech Inc
Series Resin
Model Number Specialty Resins
Part Number SIR-1300
Resin Color Black
Particle Size 16 to 50 mesh
Water Retention 48 to 58 percent
Uniformity Coefficient 1.6 approx.
Approximate Shipping Weight 43-46 lbs./cu.ft.

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