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The DynaCrust 60 (Na) is a high efficiency softening resins based on targeted functionalization, i.e. the DynaCrust ion exchange resin technology. It provides more rapid softening exchange because of the shorter diffusion path.


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Manufacturer General Technologies, SPC
Series Cation Resin - Strongly Acidic Cation Exchange Resin
Model Number DynaCrust 60 (Na)
Part Number DynaCrust 60 (Na)
Description Type: Strongly Acidic Cation Exchange Resin
Appearance: Black spherical beads
Ionic form: Na
Moisture content: 48.00-56.00%
Total exchange capacity mmol/g: ≥3.1
Shipping weight g/ml: 0.75-0.85
True density g/ml: 1.18-1.28
Particle size range: (0.315-1.250mm)≥95%
Uniformity coefficient: ≤1.60

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