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A304(OH) resin is a high capacity, highly porous gel polystyrene Type I strong base anion exchange resin designed for use in commercial or industrial demineralizer water equipment.


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Manufacturer General Technologies, SPC
Series Anion Resin - Styrenic - Strongly Basic Anion Exchange Resin
Model Number A304(OH)
Part Number A304(OH)
Description Polymer Structure: Polystyrene cross-linked with Divinylbenzene
Physical Form and Appearance: Tough Amber Spherical Beads
Whole Bead Count: 90% Min
Functional Groups: R-N+(CH3)3
Ionic Form (as shipped): OH-
Shipping Weight, approx: 695 g/l (43 lb./ft.3)
Mesh Size: 16-50
Moisture retention, Cl- form: 50-60%
Swelling, Cl- to OH-: <30%
Total Capacity in Cl- form: >0.9 meq/ml
pH Range, Stability: 0–14

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