Ionpure – CEDI – VNX-MAX and VNX-MINI Series – IP-VNX-MAX-1P

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The VNX platform from IONPURE provides the highest flow rate per module of any other CEDI module available today. The VNX-Max expands on that legacy with the same proven CEDI technology to produce high-purity water with an even higher nominal flow rate of 66 gpm.
The VNX-Mini provides a nominal flow rate of 52.8 gpm in a compact package, allowing for smaller footprint high-flow systems.
VNX-Max and VNX-Mini utilize the proprietary Flexmount connectors for stacking VNX modules and simple hydraulic connections that keep system design and overall capital cost to a minimum.
The VNX-Max and VNX-Mini are bundled with our most advanced power controller to date, DC3+ (IP-DC3PH600V-M1), a 3-phase switch mode rectifier and DC power controller, capable of up to 600 volts DC and 15 amps to ensure you have the power available to meet your performance needs.

VNX-Max and VNX-Mini Features
• Typically >17 MΩ-cm product water quality at nominal flow
• Largest flow per CEDI module with maximum flow rates of 100 gpm)  on VNX-Max and 79.2 gpm for VNX-Mini
• 1 ppm maximum feed water hardness (as CaCO3)
• Up to 95% recovery
• Ideal for critical boiler feed applications
• On-board junction box
• PVC connection fittings and port plugs included
• Robust, leak-free design


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Manufacturer Ionpure
Model Number IP-VNX-MAX-1P - VNX-Max w/ DC3 Power Supply
Part Number W3T417955
Description Ordering Part Number - W3T417955
Model Number - IP-VNX-MAX-1P - VNX-Max w/ DC3 Power Supply
Product Flow min. gpm - 33 gpm
Product Flow nominal gpm - 66 gpm
Product Flow max. gpm - 22.7 gpm
Shipping Weight 650 lbs

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