Ionpure – CEDI – LX-X Series – IP-LXM45X-4

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The Ionpure LX-X industrial modules produce deionized water through electrodeionization for a wide range of high purity applications and markets, including boiler makeup water for power plants, pharmaceutical pure water, water for hydrocarbon and chemical processing (HPI/CPI) and other high purity needs.
IONPURE CEDI modules provide a constant flow of high purity water
without the need for downtime or chemical regeneration like conventional
deionization methods.

LX-X Series Features
• Generates mixed-bed quality deionized water without the use of chemicals
• Significantly lower operating costs, than conventional ion exchange
• No need for acid/caustic, neutralization system or exchangeable DI tanks
• Double O-ring seal guarantees leak-free operation
• Continuous production instead of batch, with consistent quality
• Superior electrical isolation
• Wide range of flow from 0.22 m3/h (1 gpm) to 7.67 m3/h (33.8 gpm) per module
• Wetted materials of construction comply with NSF® 61 requirements


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Manufacturer Ionpure
Series LX-X
Model Number IP-LXM45X-4
Part Number W3T187073
Description Ordering Part Number - W3T187073
Model Number - IP-LXM45X-4
Product Flow min. gpm - 2.57 gpm
Product Flow nominal gpm - 5.11 gpm
Product Flow max. gpm - 7.67 gpm
Shipping Weight 205 lbs

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